What Changed After World War 2 Essay

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How things changed after World War II

World War II started with a healthy list of rich powerful countries. At the end of the war only two so called super powers were left. The United States did not want any part of the war effort originally. The only program that was in place was the Lend-Lease Act which was put in place to provide relief to free countries to help bounce back from what the war was doing. This essay will cover why the United States joined the war and how the war was ended. The war did change the world, but exactly how did all this change things on the home front? Was it for the better? Or worse? Just as the introduction paragraph states we did not want anything to do with the war. The U.S. was fairly fresh off of another
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went into war mode the economy was able to start the recovery effort from the Great Depression. The country needed to become part of the effort soon many industries went into super production mode. The demands of war called for a collective effort from everyone. Women started to leave the domestic roles that they once occupied they started to take up jobs in labor force. They began occupying higher paying industrial jobs in the labor force. This was a task that was taken by women alone neither government officials nor industrial leaders sought out the assistance of this untapped resource. African Americans started to have more important jobs that started to break the old mindset of the early nineteenth century. They started to join and or work hand in hand with the white working population. They help jobs in the defense industry such as iron workers, steel plants, and ship yards. As time moved on through the war small farms started to become a thing of the past. There was an outcry for the people to start to build their own victory gardens. Most of the small farm were being bought out by the larger commercial farms that had the ability to mass produce products and made it easier to provide everything needed to keep the country going. Since most of the men were sent off to support war effort over 200,000 Mexicans were brought into the country on a short term work visa so that certain jobs and items would not go undone. They …show more content…
This was done purely out of fear that they would become moles within our country and help fight the war for the enemy on our soil. The internment camps seized a large amount of the Japanese Americans assets and capital. Which were then used for our own gain. In a weird twist of fate during the war the marriage and divorce rate were both on the incline. At the same time the minimum age for a teenage worker was relaxed many teenagers quite school to take of advantage higher paying jobs that were spread out around the country. These jobs were in the war factories and afforded them the opportunity to make enough money to live on, but did cost them their education. In response to this the Government sponsored a campaign to get these children back into the class room. They also requested that companies only higher those workers that were older and not cheat the youth out of their education. Another major change in the country was medical care. The Great Depression had impacted the country so much that people could not afford medical care. This all changed during the war when most people were making enough money to afford medical care and the military provided the funds and health care for service members and their dependents. The result of this medical change increased life expectance almost three full

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