What Cause The Civil War? Essay

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What cause the civil war?

In 1776, the infant nation, the thirteen colonies, declare their independence from Great Britain by signing the declaration of independence. They based their declaration of independence on three major ideology, originally from Baron de Montesquieu and John Locke. Both philosophers argue that people had divinely granted natural rights, life, including liberty, and property. Can a new nation, mostly composed of commoners understand the true meaning of natural rights. In 1787, the delegates, representatives of each of the thirteen state, issue the three-fifth compromise based on their fear of northern states domination which could threaten the southern economy and society. The three-fifth compromise considered slaves as three-fifths of a person since they were property. The slaves were classified as property, since they could not "survive" without the white benefits. Slave rights disagreement, also known as the fight against slavery or the abolition movement, started in the mid-1800s, a group of educated thinker unite together to banned slavery or at least to ameliorate the spread of it. The abolitionist believed that slavery was immoral, and that deserved the right of life, while slave owners see slaves as property, without them the southern economy would eventually decreases, because the northern states depend on cotton for textile usage. The cause of the civil war was based on the lack of knowledge on the true meaning of natural rights…

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