Essay on What Can You Do With Our Own Eyes?

1077 Words Sep 7th, 2016 5 Pages
In life we only really possess one thing, and that thing we possess is our life and what we decide to do with it. Over the course of my time with my possession I’ve come to realize that while we can empathize with and live for other people, we only really ever see things through our own eyes. The whole entire world and universe is for all intents and purposes what we make of it in our limited perspective. We can take experiences and views from other people, but in the end those stories only serve to mold our views into something that only we can see. Some people look at the universe they’ve created and they see sunshine, they see love, they see worth and a reason to keep living. Other people detest waking up, they see shadows at every corner, and every waking moment is a continuation of their suffering. For the people that see sunshine in the world how could they comprehend the laws of another universe where everything is sad and disappointing? Some people look at their universes and decide that the life they’ve been given isn’t actually a gift and they’d be better off without it. Suicide. While my personal life perspective sees suicide and thinks it cowardly and premature who am I to tell someone what to do with their lives? Despite my disapproval I believe the right to one’s life belongs specifically to that person. Suicide does not physically harm another person besides the one inflicting it; also a person’s mental state may not allow any alternatives to suicide. A…

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