Essay on What Can You Ask One Another, What Do You Mean?

980 Words Jun 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
Often we ask one another, “What do you mean?” in an effort to understand something more clearly, whether it be a comment, joke, language, even a word, or in many cases objects, encounters, experiences, and sometimes other people, that are difficult to understand. All together creating meaning helps with understanding and making meaning of one another. On the other hand, language also has meaning; It has meaning that is attached to by the application of a certain group or culture. Most importantly, there is the meaning as the individual and what he/she has meaning for. Individuals have meaning for things and their personal importance; however, I also think that there are many meanings that are attached to the individual as there are different meanings attached to objects and words, which I think is a subconscious effort to understand oneself ultimately. Meaning is something that an individual uses to understand him or herself and to also give meaning to others. During this process there is an exchange of information that helps with connecting with the other thing that is soon to have meaning by the individual making a leap from his/her experiences to this other new journey. I think that gathered information is what helps with connecting to, what I call an empty gap, and that gap soon becomes the fusion point of the nonexistent that then transforms to having rudimentary meaning. Our senses and imagination along with reason help us with putting things into categories that then…

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