What Are the Main Moral Messages of Jane Eyre? How Does Charlotte Bronte Convey These Moral Messages to Her Readers? to What Extent Is She Reflecting Victorian Morality in Her Writing?

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What are the main moral messages of Jane Eyre? How does Charlotte Bronte convey these moral messages to her readers? To what extent is she reflecting Victorian morality in her writing?

The novel ‘Jane Eyre’ was published in 1847, which was in the Victorian era; this is a significant fact to remember while reading the novel as the storyline portrays many different moral issues in the point of view of Victorian morality, which of course is different to the view we have nowadays. This being one of the main themes of the novel, amongst: religion, social class and gender relations; all of these things give a stark contrast between the views on such subjects between the Victorian times and today.
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As ‘love was out of the question’, she returns to Mr Rochester because she truly loves him.

Bronte uses many types of language in the entire novel, some to express types of anger or negative feeling, others to express love or positive feelings. It is not only in expressing feelings which Bronte uses her language, although that is a major part of the storyline and evoking atmosphere, but also to convey her moral messages such as the undermining of women by men during this era, and

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