What Are The Underlying Factors Of Immigration? Essay

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What are the underlying factors of immigration? In essence, immigration is the byproduct of a combination of push and pull factors. Many individuals are pushed away from their native countries as a result of strife, violence, and/or political instability. While others are allured to another country by its endless opportunities and/or independence. Since its founding, the United States has been a nation of immigrants, a nation sought after by many for its promise of freedom and democracy. However, freedom comes at a hefty cost. For many undocumented workers, life in a foreign country is seldom easy. In the texts by Soto, Mora, and Espada, the costs of being an undocumented worker such as: grueling work, fear, unfulfilled aspirations, and loneliness, are examined. These authors provide raw and unfiltered insight into the controversial topic of immigration, along with the humanity of undocumented workers, and the struggles they undergo daily. Through these texts, my notions of immigration are expressed into words. For many undocumented workers, life in the United States revolves around work. Many, find themselves migrating within the states, from season to season, following the trail of work, as is the case of fruit pickers. While others, settle down with mediocre jobs deemed deplorable. Irrespective, the occupations they undertake are brutal and backbreaking. In “Black Hair,” Soto recounts the story of a young man who finds himself working endless hours in a tire company,…

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