What Are The Top Ten Inventions Of The Last Decade? Essay

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When one mentions nature, people tend to think of ponds, trees, fresh air, and freedom; however, has man changed that image? Since the beginning of mankind, the human race has built contraptions beyond belief. Skip Morrow, in his article entitled “What are the Top Ten Inventions of the Last Decade?,” he writes that in the last ten years, “...Camera Phones, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (it was a slow year, but I love this product), YouTube, Tesla Roadster 100, iPhone, HTD Dream (1st Android phone), AIDS Vaccine, iPad, Google 's Self Driving Car, Google Glass, (and) the Oculus Rift....(Morrow)” were created. On the other hand, while some of these items are useful, most were made for the enjoyment of humans. They serve no purpose other than to distract us from what we are doing to our world. There are different perspectives on which separate people think about nature in and of itself. Henry David Thoreau, when he speaks of embracing wilderness, believes differently than the contemporary people of today due to how open minded he is, the changes over the years of nature, yet somehow come together to form similarities between the two times. To begin, the open-minded characteristic of Thoreau eloquently proves how two opinions, while seemingly similar, can differ drastically. Because of his views of nature, among other things, people of today’s century see Thoreau as a transcendentalist. The fact that Henry surpasses thoughts of physical possessions, or the first box, leaves space in…

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