What Are The Themes In Janet Fox's 'Forgiven'

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The book that I am reading is an historical fiction novel called Forgiven by Janet Fox. The book is told by the point of view of a 17 year old, Kula Baker. Kula is a woman who has to move from Bonzaga Montana, to San Francisco. While she is in San Francisco Kula Baker meets this kind, and dreamy guy Will. Kula and Will bond over high class society and what jobs they do. As a signal to when they fall in love. There are a lot of varieties of themes, but I believe that the theme is that you have to trust other people because it might be your only hope. The next reason is because if you are befuddlement about something then you are going to have to trust other people to tell you. My final reason is because you have to put enough trust into your friends. …show more content…
My next piece of evidence to support this claim is “Mrs.Gale has to travel to Deer lodge and the state prison and beg for an interview”. This also supports my reasoning because Kula has to trust Mrs.Gale for asking an interview because if she doesn't then she doesn't have any more hope of getting her father freedom from this hanging and Kula has to trust Mrs.Gale.My final piece of evidence that supports this is ” I need to find Ty Wong, Miss Everts will take care of that” This last piece of evidence supports this claim because Kula needs to trust Mrs.Everts to help find the box that Ty Wong

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