What Are The Strengths Of Deism And Then Discuss Deism 's Weaknesses

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Deism is the belief that God created the universe but remains apart from it and that He permits His creation to administer itself through natural laws. (dictionary.com) In other words, God created the universe and then just decided to step back. Deist have many strengths and weaknesses to their belief system; first we are going to evaluate the strengths of deism and then discuss deism 's weaknesses; closing with how deism relates to Christian theism. The first strength of Deism is that they believe God created the universe. That is a great start to acknowledge that it all started with God and His words, "In the beginning God."(Gen.1:1) This verse not only shows that deists acknowledge the existence of God but also that they have faith whether they recognize it or not, their faith is a strength. Another strength of deism is that they hold their responsibility. Since they believe that God is not personal and no longer interacts with humans, then that means that we can 't blame God for our problems. Anything that happens right or wrong is on us. The fact that Deists believe God is not personal can be both a strength and weakness, which I will discuss later. Another strength that piggybacks onto God not being personal is that we have freedom. There is no God to convict us if we make a mistake and we have the freedom to choose what we want without worrying about the consequences. Deists believe that the only way to know who God is by studying the world around us. (Sire 55)…

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