What Are Some Trees? Essay

1485 Words Jul 13th, 2016 null Page
On earth, there are so many species of trees depending on the part of the world a person lives. Some trees are endangered and if no proper precautions are taken, those trees will be at a very serious risk of extinction. For example, “the so-called sex tree, Citropsis articulata, is quickly disappearing from Uganda 's Mabira Forest Reserve, one of the country 's last remaining rain forests, because its roots are believed to cure impotence” (Okeowo). Therefore, efforts should be made to preserve the endangered trees so that the next generation can also benefit from these trees. Forests are of two different types; some forests are natural and others are man-made. For various reasons, trees are cut down and in the end, forests get destroyed. The forests that used to be thick either no longer exist, or they have very few trees inside them. For example Bwindi Impenetrable Forest found in Africa used to be impenetrable, but these days any person can pass through that forest because many trees have been cut down. When trees are cut, they have a lot of temporary benefits in the paper and furniture industries, but they have permanent benefits in many ways if they are still alive such as maintaining the environment, acting as medicine, and producing food for both animals and humans. Above all, cutting down trees creates a negative impact on the environment. Human activities involving cutting down of trees harm the environment. The earth is perpetually great to live-in on the off…

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