What An Average Healthy Diet Looks Like Essay

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Malnutrition means the body isn’t receiving the right amounts of nutrients. This could mean that a person is getting too much or too little, but overall it’s described as an imbalance of nutrients. (Barker, Gout, & Crowe, 2011) Having malnutrition in the hospital means that the person 's body isn 't getting enough nutrients needed for the body. It can be “caused by not having enough to eat, not eating enough of the right things, or not being able to use the food that one does eat.” (“Malnutrition”, 2016) Having malnutrition in the hospital could result in slow or impaired wound healing, longer hospital stays, increased risk of getting an infection, and higher mortality rates. Nurses must be able to know the signs, symptoms, and background of malnutrition to diagnose it sooner. (Barker, Gout, & Crowe, 2011) This paper will discuss how to calculate calories needed for the patient and discuss what an average healthy diet looks like. The paper will touch on deficiencies one might see in the hospital and how to increase the intake of needed nutrients. The deficiencies include those of vitamins and minerals. This paper will also talk about the physical and social factors influencing malnutrition in the hospital and how to fix them. Lastly, it will discuss the importance health professionals have in treating malnutrition, creating a food plan, and teaching the patient at discharge.
To tell if someone is malnourished, one must look at their signs and symptoms. “The American…

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