Western Diets And Big Businesses Essay

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While both authors generally discuss the western diet and big businesses branding kids, they differ when it comes to the ideas of the knowledge that they assume people should know and on the other hand on how the kids are unaware. The author’s main thesis is how these big businesses are becoming people lifestyle and main food source. Ivy Ken states that there should be more deals with local farmers markets so that we are able to get access to these fresh foods. Big businesses control the money and they also are gaining control of the people and of smaller businesses that can benefit from the businesses also. One of their business partners is the school. If they can give kids these foods and make them become addicted they will. Cafeteria ladies are not responsible for the cooking, like ivy ken stated, “Just hire people to open the freezer, heat and serve”
In ivy ken’s writing she talks about the partnership that the food industry and the school systems have together. They work together because it’s a win-win situation for both. The schools are getting the food and preparation for the food for cheap and or for free. All the school is doing is making sure that their food is being served. Then the student’s will began to crave some of these foods after a while. They will tend to want more servings because of how addicting the food is. Due to the amount of addicting sugar and fat in the foods
She provides a solution on how the school system can make a partnership with local…

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