Well Balanced Diet Effect On Moods Essay

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Well-balanced diet effect on moods

In present day American society, unhealthy food is often picked over healthy food in general. In fact, with the rise of advertisements and the lower prices of food, people often find it hard to stay away from fast food. Unifications once recorded nearly two thirds of people who do not report daily mental health problems eat fresh fruit or drink fruit juice every day, the other one third eats healthy and has mental health problems. (Aubrey, 2014). Healthy food, while more expensive, is much more beneficial than unhealthy food because it helps improve your mood, boost your energy, and improve the nutrients brought into the body. [solid thesis]

Fast food or junk food can be a quick way to get a beneficial effect on your mood when you are hungry. Fast food provides quicker, cheaper, and some might say more tasteful. Fast food gives you ready to eat, fresh, portion, and controlled foods (Stein, 2015). Fast food is good for the case being someone does not have time at home to prepare a well-balanced meal.

Many use fast food because it is faster and cheaper than cooking a healthy meal or for emotional eating. Emotional eating is the act of eating large quantities of food, which are usually

comfort food or junk food in response to feelings instead of hunger (WebMD, 2015). Those high in saturated fat are linked to both depression and dementia (Haupt,2011). Eating while depressed leads to over eating, which also leads to weight gain.…

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