Weight Discrimination Among Children And Adults Essay

1323 Words Nov 30th, 2016 6 Pages
We live in a society where physical appearance makes a huge impact in the workplace and we are judged instantaneously by the way we look, especially when it comes to weight. Weight discrimination is a topic most people don’t like to discuss simply because it’s embarrassing, hurtful and causes emotional distress for the obese individual. Fat shaming and stigmatizing is pervasive amongst children and adults. It’s common to see obese, even slightly overweight individuals often as targets of bias and stigma in every day lives. Women in particular, are susceptible to negative attitudes in multiple domains of living including places of employment, educational institutions, medical facilities, the mass media, and interpersonal relationships. These negative attitudes are ingrained in early childhood, basically telling young girls that beauty is defined by your size. Obese women are often penalized for simply being overweight. Weight discrimination amongst women in the United States reduces women’s’ chances of employment, getting lesser wages, and getting over looked for promotion.
Attitudes about weight start from early childhood, where young girls are shown by the media that tells us what is beautiful and they tell us that beauty is associated with goodness. For instance, growing up, Barbie dolls, taught girls at a young age that beauty is associated with having high cheekbones, perfect skin, big eyes, beautiful lips, shiny hair and most importantly, being skinny. The media…

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