Wealth Disparity Through The United States Essay

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This paper provides an insight reasoning on the wealth disparity in the United States. After all the social movements that have upraised over the years for equality. The wealth disparity remain the same. It continues to be intertwine with politically and racially. Corporation increases the wealth disparity with their political agenda in mind. According to Shapiro, Thomas in the article, "Race, Homeownership, and wealth" he defines the two as followed; Wealth is defined as " the total value of a family’s financial resources minus all debts” (Shapiro, 2006); Income “represent the follow resources earned in a particular time” (Shapiro, 2006). The two definition have two very meaning but there often misused. Thomas also explains how “Income and wealth are often confused both in the public mind and in the social science literature” (Shapiro, 2006).Wealth and income carry a big meaning because it define how we view someone who has money. If we think a person is wealth we believed is because they earn a large income. The reality is people who have wealth ingeriditied because their family. The majority are born into their wealth instead of work for it. The confusion of wealth and income creates a system that does not question the concept in which society lives in a meritocracy. This turns explains why so many Americans are unclear if their even a wealth gap in the United States. The common belief believe the wealthiest people earn their wages. That is a common misconception…

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