Was William Mcinntosh Assassination Justified

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Although credible sources acknowledge the death of William McIntosh as an assassination commandeered by rival Chief Menwana; Creek law divulges that Chief Menwana was not only justified, but also encouraged by Creek law to kill Chief McIntosh. Chief McIntosh was a controversial Creek leader whose strong relationship with the United States government cast suspicion about his loyalty to the Creeks. “McIntosh was related by blood or marriage to several prominent Georgians...These marriages helped to solidify McIntosh’s political alliances and his loyalty to the United States.”(Stock, Melissa para. 3) In the years prior to his death, William McIntosh attempted to remain as a trusted Creek leader while supporting the United States of America. According to Melissa Stock, he was “instrumental” in several wars that helped the United States gain the territory of Native Americans, even fighting in the Creek War of 1813, where he led the lower Creeks against the …show more content…
Even google references the death of William McIntosh as an assassination by chief Menwana; however, further investigation provided information proving that the death of William McIntosh was an execution certainly justified and supported by Creek law. Several reliable sources such as that of James Bullman’s claim that William McIntosh signed the treaty ceding Creek land despite a Creek law that he supported stating that “anyone who sold or gave away Creek land would be killed.”(pg.2 para.4) Furthermore, “the chiefs(of the Creek nation), in session at the National Council had determined to execute William McIntosh.”(Wright Jr., Amos page. 263 paragraph. 2), thus proving that the justified “assassination” of William McIntosh was a government supported

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