Essay about Was The Overthrown Or Did It Collapse?

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This class is is titled “Revolutionary Russia, 1900-1921”. The fact that it spans 21 years of history in the title, as do many books written about this age, show just how complex the revolution was. This paper may be focused on the events that acured in February of 1917 but the social and political changes the effected Russia happened over many years. Many say that they are continuing to this day but that is a topic for another paper. The question posed for this paper is, was the autocracy overthrown or did it collapse. My one sentience answer is, its not that simple. In this paper I will atempt to explain why I believe this. Everyone agrees that the start of the February Revolution was the riots for bread on International Women 's Day, the 23rd. Riots like this had been happening for quite a while up to this point. What made this one stick and become the expanding force that it was? In my opinion it has to do with the growing frustration of the people and the eroding of the autocratic structure from within. Let me explain. Russia entered World War I in 1914 still with a strong central power. Not as strong as they had once been with the concession made to appease people after the 1905 Revolution but still in control of the nation. Tzar Nicholas II was a very militaristic man who wanted to lead his nation to victory in the war. He held all of the nations power like a true autocrat and wished to remain that way. A large component of having ultimate power…

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