Was The New Deal A Success? Essay

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Was the New Deal of the nineteen thirties a failure or a success? The question is difficult to answer without the knowledge of life without the New Deal. It also depends on what your definition of success is. People form their opinions from the sources they get such as media, book, and newspapers. The Great Depression occurred on October 29, 1929, a day known as “Black Tuesday” when the stock market crashed. During this time the banks failed, the nation’s money supply diminished, and companies were bankrupt, which caused them to fired workers. People who invested their money in the stock market lost all of their money due to the crash. However, the New Deal helped put some things back into place, well at least tried fixing some of the problems by creating programs that benefited the country. That’s why I believe that the New Deal was a success because millions of people were given jobs in government projects. Roosevelt was the president that came up with that idea to save this country from all the disaster. After reading about the New Deal, it’s clear to me that the New Deal did succeed.
Life without the New Deal was extremely rough for certain groups, but very well-off for others. According, Edward Earle Purinton, during the nineteen twenties, “Among the nations of the earth today America stands for one idea: Business (Purinton).” Being a pro-business which indicates that he supports the ideal of big business and corporation, he express his belief after he made this…

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