Was Nubia Better Than Egypt? Essay

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Was Nubia better than Egypt? Did they acell or equal the awesomeness (or the power, strengths and success) of Egypt. Although the Nubians are left unparalleled with other civilizations, they didn’t weren’t nearly as dominant or half as so mighty as Egypt was. Just think about it. When you were very young and were in your first year of a great education in which millions of of strong, courageous and bias men and women have been nurtured in work, did you learn about Nubia or Egypt? You learned a little about the pyramids and King Tut but nothing about Nubia. Your teachers start teaching you about the most important topics. Also, just look at your history book. The Ancient Egyptians controlled Nubia for much of their nonsignificant reign. Although Nubia controlled them less than a lifetime* Ancient Egypt had control for more than 5. Also, have you ever heard about anything architecturally awesome about Nubia? Chances are you haven’t unless you’ve studied and read about it. The made some cool temples that don’t even compare to the pyramids. If you consider these things I have told you and you will learn more if you keep reading.

*by lifetime I mean modern day lifetime expectancy First, we’ll talk about Nubia’s strengths. Nubia had lots of things that were of great value, meaning they were probably good to trade. In 22ce Strabo said this about Nubia. “There are also mines of copper, iron, gold, and various kinds of precious…

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