War Is Kind By Stephen Crane Essay

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“War is Kind” Stephen Crane, American novelist and poet, is recognized by Schoenberg and Trudeau, “as one of the most important and influential American writers of the late nineteenth century” (1). Crane is best remembered for The Red Badge of Courage, a masterpiece novella about the American Civil War. In addition to that work, he wrote other novels, novellas, short stories, journalistic articles, non-fiction and books of poetry. War is Kind is a book of poetry featuring the title poem “War is Kind,” based on his experiences and observations. That poem, and others, is part of the genre of literature known as American War Poetry. Stephen Townley Crane was born on November 1, 1871, in Newark, New Jersey. He was the youngest of fourteen children born to a Methodist minister, Dr. Jonathan Townley Crane and Mary Peck Crane. His mother was a religious and social activist who negatively influenced her son. According to Hubbell, “the boy came to hate the religion of his parents” (419). After his father’s death when Stephen was nine years old, he became extremely rebellious and involved with drinking, smoking, and gambling. Cane tried to avoid getting into big trouble in his conservative community (Schoenberg and Trudeau 1). Three years later after his father died, his mother moved his family to Asbury, New Jersey. After the move, his mother began writing religious articles for Methodist journals and newspapers (Bloom 11). According to Draper, “Crane was so steeped in the…

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