Wang Kong Drought Case Study

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What will happen to Wang Lung and his family now that there is a drought?
Now there is drought Wang Lung and his family are going through an evil time. There are many examples that could justify this like when O-lan asked Wang not to throw away the bad crops because in the difficult time they could even eat that, which is what they did. Also after the bad crops that they ate for days ran out they starved for days, and finally when it was so bad the old man suggested that they would kill the only ox they had. First Wang denied, but later when all the kids were crying they had to accept it, but he did not have the courage to kill it so O-lan killed it and made food using the ox’s flesh and skin of soup and meat. They starved for days and ate the bad crops that would grow in the farms that Wang Lung owned, and worked on them day and night. Now that O-lan was pregnant again her milk dried out, so where in the beginning the girl had milk to drink was now also taken away from her.
Explain if Wang Lung was correct in predicting an “evil omen”? Use evidence to support your answer.
Wang Lung was correct in predicting an “evil omen” because he predicted from the black crows hovering over his field and the birth of a
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The crops were the one way all the farms would not only get food to eat, but also money by selling their good. For example, all the villagers in Wang’s village are farmers, and since there is not rain, not land is good enough to grow crops, so the result of that is every family is starving and angry at Wang Lung for having food. Even O-lan said that cobs are better than grass, and now that all the cobs that they had left were taken by the villagers they would have to go hunt for grass. Also the earth is made up of soil, and crops need soil to grow so without water, enough sunlight, or soil the crop will not be able to grow

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