Essay about Walter Rodney Ctiticism

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Rodney is a neo- Marxist and non- imperialist writer, meaning he views oppression of Africans rooted in the hands of the colonial capitalist activities in Africa and the suffering of Africans premised in the imperialistic activities of Europeans in Africa. His critical work helps in the debate on the definition of African literature, for he brings out the historical connection that makes it possible to analyse African literature dealing with the pre- colonial and post- colonial phases of African history. He reveals political, economic and social circumstances that informed the sensibility of most African writers.

Rodney is a writer who is guided by the ideology from the dependency/ underdevelopment theory. The dependency theory believes
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Developments in infrastructure, Rodney views it as not development but as exploitative means. Building of roads and railway lines linked Africa to Europe. They were exploitative in the sense that they were created to make it easy to transport the materials from Africa to Europe. He says: All the roads and railway lines were heading to the sea coasts Africans who benefited, it was by coincidence it was not designed for them.
He also argues that clinics and hospitals built were not development meant to benefit Africans. They were built because the Europeans had seen that people who provided labour were dying at a faster rate, so they were bound to run short of labour in future. A case of South Africa at Kimberley, most miners suffered from TB (tuberculosis) they could not work any more and some of them died. Rodney also believes that building of infrastructure in Africa was done by Africans out of African resources and out of African labour under the supervision of the Europeans. It is evident that Rodney does not view any imperialistic works of Europeans to have brought development in Africa. All infrastructures built in Africa view it as for exploiting Africa.

Rodney strongly believes that Africa‘s economic system was underdeveloped by the coming of Europeans. He still cherishes the development of Africans prior its encounter with Europeans. He believes that Africa was going to develop better than Europe because of the rich

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