Essay about Walden: a Rhetorical Analysis

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Walden: Rhetorical Analysis

In Thoreau’s book Walden, he makes critical observations about society, and gives his solutions for the problems that he sees in the world that he lives in. He uses vivid analogies, anecdotes, and imagery to form a picture of what his life looks like from his point of view, in the minds of his readers. Thoreau’s book is a plea to society to stop and smell the roses, and stop doing things out of habit, or just because it’s what is socially acceptable. He urges people to live their lives deliberately by sharing stories of his personal experiences.

Thoreau starts Walden with a reoccurring theme of simplicity. On page 91 he states the idea that “Our life is frittered away by detail.” He believes
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In order to do this he told of how his time at Walden was spent building and maintaining his house, raising thousands of bean plants and other vegetables, making bread, clearing land, chopping wood, making repairs for the Emersons, going into town, and writing every day. He also makes it a point to insure the readers that he did not spend his time at Walden as a hermit.

Accusations of Thoreau being a Hermit were counteracted by anecdotes

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