Vyset Project Swot Analysis

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The Vyset Project overview is to design, complete, and implement a new automated system for ordering kits, specifically custom kits. It will consist of the following items: • Create the best process order to find optimal flow within our supply chain for custom kits.
• Implement an automated system for kit creation
• Increase the amount of kits packed at Dover, specifically custom kits
• Increase sales and revenue

3.1 OBJECTIVES The following objectives are suggested to be done in order to begin implementing Vyset:
• Nov 15, 206: Establish all products used in the Kit packing process, especially the most frequently used
• Dec 15, 2016: Complete a list of components that need to be kept in stock to prevent backorders
• Feb 15, 2017: Develop
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It is also going to allow different departments to work more efficiently in the approval process, specifically regulatory. Overall these impacts are positive and puts Vygon USA in a better position moving forward to grow. It will take time to adapt but will be much better efficient wise and economically for Vygon USA.
7 RISK ASSESSMENT AND ANALYSIS Currently, Vygon USA has a manufacturing plant not operating at break even. Because of this current inefficiency, it is important to understand that the manufacturing plant cannot continue to operate as it is currently functioning. Therefore, the risk we are taking to improve the main production at the plant is necessary for operation. As noted previously, $6 million of the $8.5 million in sales from Dover are by custom kits. The risk is worth the benefits the company will receive.
• The current time to quote a kit is approximately, one week. The implementation of Vyset will allow custom kits to be quoted in less than 24 hours.
• Right now, Vygon USA has lead times of 10-12 weeks for a custom kit to be produced. Vyset will allow those lead times to decrease to 3-6 weeks.
• Our customers currently verbally order kits through our reps, Vyset will allow them to order through an automated

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