Voting Research Paper

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Voting is privilege given to Americans. Many people don’t know how lucky they are to have the privilege to give their opinion on who leads our country. It took many years for the U.S to get voting rights equalized for all citizens; so everyone should take advantage of this. Participating in voting should be happening by every eligible person in the U.S. A person’s characteristics will effect whether or not they are going to participate in voting. It can either positively affect the person or negatively. Also registering and knowing where and how to register and where too actually vote can effect whether or not a person will participate in voting. A major aspect effecting voting is a person’s family history; if growing up in a family where …show more content…
These were all questions to find out basics about young voters and young non-voters as to why or why they don’t vote, and also certain characteristics such as their ages and gender and family history and how that might affect the person. Before conducting this survey I wasn’t expecting to find many young people to take an interest on the topic of voting. I also believed most young people who say they are registered to vote and do participate actively in voting that their families also participate in voting. I expected to find more young women to participate in voting rather than young men. After finishing my survey and collecting the results I found out when comparing females to males that majority of females that are registered do participate voting, rather than the majority of males that are registered less do actually participate in voting. Also as a whole I found out that when asking the people who do vote whether their families do vote majority of them claimed that their families do vote, and when asking people who are registered but do not participate in voting that majority of their families do not participate in voting. When going through my results looking at most people who are

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