Voter Registration Process Essay

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In a representative government such as the United States of America, there are a few key ideals associated with the process of electing public officials. These key elements include understanding of the electoral law, voter registration, and residency requirements for each state. The electoral law ranges with each state, and dates for registration to vote vary with each state. One of the main ideals citizens of a country would like to see is how they choose their elected officials into office. The ideal position of the voting registration process is that people feel that their vote actually counts rather than counting on the Electoral College, and those citizens would have an opportunity to vote without all the restrictions that entail it. …show more content…
Citizens want to feel like their vote counts, that they are in fact contributing to the greater scheme of how politics will change their futures. But unfortunately, that is not the case. Voting has become difficult for many people due to the complicated voter registration process that vary depending on state, the option to vote by mail or early in-person voting, and not having the time to go down to the polls. These restrictions and complications that come with voting on the election do not go with the ideals of what was stated in the Declaration of independence. These restrictions and what many of the millennial are thinking, “our vote does not count” illustrates the fact that the ideals that this country was founded on does not represent the realities of the election. Many youth are discouraged from going down, and they find that the two party systems does not represent them, and that their vote does not matter at the end of the day due to the electoral college. Although there is some truth to that during the presidential elections, that is not true for all the other elections such as Congress, Governor, Board of Education, City Council, and County government politics. The politics of each state is what heavily affect a person’s life more than the presidential elections. Therefore, every vote counts during these elections, and voices are actually being

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