Volcanoes : Volcanoes Are Magnificent Yet Dangerous Structures Created By The Forces Of Nature

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Volcanoes are magnificent yet dangerous structures created by the forces of nature when Earth’s tectonic plates diverge and collide against each other letting the Earth vent out pent up gases, magma, rock, and ash. There are three types of volcanoes called Shield, Stratovolcanoes, and Cinder cones. Volcanoes are further labeled as active, dormant, or extinct depending on recent activity. The magma underneath the Earth’s mantle is responsible for the explosion and creation of volcanoes around the world. About 90 percent of all volcanoes on Earth are found in the Ring of Fire located in the Pacific Ocean. Their explosions are also classified depending as to how much destruction and material is blown out. The pyroclastic flows are ash, rock, debris, and water usually at 1000ºC that do the most destruction during eruptions. One notable volcano; Mount Vesuvius located in Naples, Italy, killed nearly 2,000 in the city of Pompeii and devastated the town of Herculaneum.
Shield volcanoes produce a lava flow with low viscosity and can flow for dozen of kilometers. These volcanoes are wide with smooth sloping flanks. The flanks may contain lava conduits and fissures where explosions may also take place if the magma is hot enough and has the chance to escape. These types of volcanoes are usually produced by effusive eruptions. Stratovolcanoes also known as composite volcanoes have layers upon layers of rock, pumice, ash and tephra accumulated over time. They can erupt with…

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