Volcano: Emotion and Martha S Life Essay example

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Heather Dagley
English 116-22
Professor L. Davis
22 April 2013 Discussion Paper Three
In the short story “Volcano” (2012), Lawrence Osborne argues the volcano parallels the life of the main character Martha. Osborne uses detail, emotion, and symbolism to support his claim.
Throughout the story Osborne is descriptive when telling about Martha’s life and her surroundings. Martha see’s the color red many times like in her hotel room and in nature. The color red has many different meanings, like love, hate or anger. Because she just went through a divorce she feels anger and now that it has been six months she longs for more love in her life. Staying on the volcano she see’s the red glow of the lava a lot and also being
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Volcanoes are uncontrollable and like Martha, she feels her life is uncontrollable too. You can predict when certain events will happen but you can never be sure. Going to the lucid-dreaming seminar, she thought she could take control of her life by controlling her dreams. Certain aspects of our lives we have control over but mostly our lives are uncontrollable. Still not satisfied by the lucid dreaming, her emotions are still boiling up inside and continues searching for something else. Finally, like a volcano, her emotions over flow and got what she subconsciously wanted.
The structure of the story is set up by the three different places Martha visits. Each place that she visits connects us with Osborne’s argument of the parallels of the volcano and Martha’s life. Her first destination she felt compressed and airless because of how crowded the city was. Much like how a volcanoes ash makes you feel. At her second destination she begins her lucid dreaming theory, trying to gain control of her life again. Like a volcano, her life is unpredictable. Last, she ends with an explosion of emotions. Her emotional longing to be with another man boiled over and she ended up spending the night with a stranger. Compared to a volcano, they can have an explosion of energy at any moment.
In conclusion, Osborne argued that Martha’s life was much like a volcanoes. Using detail, emotion, and symbolism he supported his

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