Vocational And Technical Education Case Study

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One of the main differences is the naming of the Act. The Vocational and Technical Education Act of 1984 was renamed by Perkins (IV) to as Career and Technical Education (Dortch, 2012). The 1984 Act focused on expanding, improving and modernizing the vocational education programs (CTE legislation History, n.d). On the other hand, the 2006 Act places focus on reinforcing the existing accountability system. This was achieved by introducing independent core indicators of performance in secondary and post-secondary levels. The grantees of the Perkins fund in the 2006 Act are required to attain at least 90% of their adjusted levels of performance or provide plans for improvement (Dortch, 2012). Failure to meet the requirements leads to disqualification. …show more content…
The importance of this is to ensure that a majority of students enroll and can emerge from the postsecondary education system. This corresponds to alignment of students in the CTE programs and the labor market (ACTE, n.d). The ever advancing technology has created a demand for skilled students for the labor market to aid in facilitating industrial growth. Perhaps the most sought after skill by employers is the power of innovation. CTE programs are supposed to be the bridge between attaining academic knowledge and transforming it into the technical expertise in careers (Alliance for Excellent Education, 2012). The reauthorization of the Perkins Act is aimed to achieve high-quality achievements in academic and technical education which impact positively on the CTE …show more content…
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