Visual Storytelling And The Rear Window Essay

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An Analysis of Perception in Visual Storytelling and Voyeurism in Rear Window Visual story telling is a fairly modern invention. For thousands of years humans relied on oral methods of passing stories and legends, and while still images can evoke a certain element of story, the modern film is exceptional at showing its audience the narrative with purely visual image. A great deal of psychology abounds in filmmaking. A screen writer and director must be aware of how the general public perceives certain actions. Rear Window directed by Alfred Hitchcock tells its story through perspective and visual storytelling, leading the audience through a mystery with romance and suspense. The psychology of perception is a major part of this film and whether voyeurism is a natural part of film is explored.
Rear Window takes place in 1954 in Manhattan, New York. L.B. “Jeff” Jeffries is a photographer, trapped in his apartment because of a broken leg. Jeff is an adventurous person, ready to do anything for the perfect picture. He is inquisitive, something stimulated by his boredom. We meet Jeff the week before he has his cast removed, and learn through dialogue and visuals that Jeff has been spending majority of his time watching the neighbors of his apartment complex, built in a square courtyard with large windows all facing inwards. Jeff is our main protagonist and we see everything from his perspective. The way the film utilizes purely visual elements to express Jeff’s emotions and…

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