Reflective Essay On Feminism In Gilead By Margaret Atwood

Doing the visual literary analysis assignment was worth doing. It was worth doing it because I learned that conveying a message to the audience is tricky. The way me and my partner decided to do it on Feminism is by first reading our essays that we had to write about the book. We both wrote about how women don’t have any right in Gilead, we wrote about how women suffer knowing they are only value if they can be pregnant.
We both realize that we had a lot of points in our essay on Feminism. Then we both decided to do it on women in Gilead, this was how we decided to start our project. We both searched up the pictures we wanted to capture our audience view on how women suffer a lot either being handmaids or not. Any type of women in Gilead suffer.
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Even after reading chapters I was still a bit confused because of the different times Margret Atwood decided to talk about the past and then the future, I didn’t knew exactly when it was witch. Doing the essay on the book and doing some research and connecting articles to it made it easier. It helped me better understand what side I wanted to focus to write about. This led to me deciding with my partner what we wanted to talk about in our project since we already did it in our essay. It really made me understand the type of struggles women have been through, women overall thought many generations have fought for human rights because we have always been viewed weak. Doing this project also made me realize that a lot of women still today don’t get appreciated for what they do, they also get discriminated still. Women are still not viewed capable to do the things men do. While I was looking more in depth for two quotes we wanted to put in our project it really made me think that women are not appreciated and still now viewed as important as men. Since having babies is big deal to Gilead it made me realize that women are not view special …show more content…
There is so many things to talk about women from this book it is hard to choose but I think the number one important thing from the book that should be talked about is how women are treated. Margret Atwood made sure we knew that women suffer if they were either handmaids or not. She wanted us to realize that being a woman in Giliead was scary and that they only way you were viewed special was by having kids, but after having them you went back to be seen normal. This type of behavior Is not healthy for women because they should be able to do whatever they want as men. We wanted to make the audience feel they felt how women felt living in

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