Visiting The Worcester Art Museum Essay

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Visiting the Worcester Art Museum, I was drawn in by the piece Static Variations: Blue x2. The art museum was having a series on her, and had several of her works up, but this one stood out most of all. Static Variations: Blue x2 (fig. 1) is a highly political piece about the Civil Rights Movement. In order to interpret it one must understand the life of the artist, Terri Priest, and the Civil Rights Movement itself. Terri Priest was born in 1928, in Worcester Massachusetts. She spent her entire life in the area. She grew up on Millbury Street. A child of the depression, Priest’s parents, did not have the funds to send her to college, despite her desire to become a lawyer. Instead she started working in her parents fruit stand and later at a soda bar. She attended public high school and discovered that she had artistic talent. With encouragement from her teacher, John Reardon, she decided to continue to pursue art. From there, she took classes at the Worcester Art Museum and started working at Haddad Sign Company where she learned more about painting and a small amount about restoring works of art. She married her husband in 1948, and put her love of art to the side for a little while. She worked as a graphic designer for the company Wyman-Gordon and continued to paint in her spare time. In 1970 she got a degree from University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
Static Variations was Priest’s second series of paintings, though it is very connected with her first series…

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