Visions Of Australi Time And Space Essay

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AIA105 - Visions of Australia: Time and Space from 1700 to 2000
Assessment 3: Research Essay (40%)
Anna Bright

Question 11: Were the hardships of the Depression in Australia a ‘myth’ Why/why not?

In Australia The Great Depression occurred between the years of 1929–32. It is said by many to be a time of extreme hardship. According to Evans, (2006, p. 5) ‘the Australian society reacted to the depression with confusion, anger and a search for someone to blame’. However, some researchers believe that this time period was not as bad as what the statistics tell us, stating that perhaps the hardships are a myth. Potts, David is one of those researchers who calls the Great Depression ‘a modern myth’ (Potts, 2009, p. 331)

‘The Great Depression’ occurred due to a market crash on Wall Street on the 29th of October 1929, however the effect of this is debatable. According to the Australian Government (2015), this crash was the beginning of a severe depression for the whole industrialised world, thus Australian was greatly effected.

According to the statistics recorded during this time period, Australia’s unemployment rate rose to 30%, the highest of the Western world (Peel & Twomey, 2011, p. 186 and Cottle & Keys, 2008, p. 187). This is due to factories, workshops, offices and warehouses becoming bankrupted or were forced to close due to lack of sales, thus due to lack of demand for goods (Cottle & Keys, 2008, p. 186). To overcome this hardship, the Australian people…

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