Visible Voices : An Educational Tool Essay

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Visible Voices is a program that educates Colorado State University students regrading gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer and transgender youth. The goal of the program is to be an educational tool that informs students about misunderstood issues and to dispel myths and stereotypes about LGBTQQA people. Visible Voices has panels that consist of people who are part of the GLBT or ally communities. These volunteers will come into a classroom and provide information regarding the GLBT Resource Center and about being LGBTQQA youth. In my Ethnic Studies class we got to experience firsthand what the Visible Voices panel is about.
First off, the panel was made up of two students from CSU. One of the students was gay while the other student was queer. The first thing they addressed during the panel was their coming out stories. The guy explained how he always felt different from his male peers. For instance, when he was in elementary school he really enjoyed being around girls. He would sit, eat, and play with the girls rather than the boys. He explained to us that he felt happy being around girls and how it was just natural for him. I found this point to be very eye opening for me. I say this because; I was able to register the fact that it is society that puts labels on us about what is acceptable behavior and what is not. He was natural drawn to hanging around girls; he felt at peace and formed a natural bond. Therefore, why does society think it is wrong for a little boy to find his…

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