Vishnu In The Hindu Triumvirate

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Hinduism is a combination of many related beliefs and countless sects. It comes from a mixture of indigenous beliefs and practices mixed with Vedic beliefs. Every Hindu sect has one particular deity as ultimate above others. They worship the gods with rituals and meditation. They worship these gods so they could be reborn over and over in higher positions than they previously were. They keep doing that until they are able to escape the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Vishnu is second god in the Hindu triumvirate. The triumvirate is a holy trinity of gods that are responsible for the formation, preservation and destruction of the world. Vishnu represents the preservation and protector of the universe. In this sculpture, Vishnu is depicted in his role. The overall theme of the sculpture is to show the almighty power of Vishnu by depicting him as a powerful and supernatural being. This is conveyed by the anatomic irregularities of the body such as his four arms, the idealist shape of his body, as well as the excessive attention to detail in such a small structure to …show more content…
Vishnu is decorated with jewelry all over his body. There is meticulous detailing of jewelry on his arms, waist and all over his body. There are also little holes where jewels may have been placed. Also, Vishnu is wearing a very elaborate crown and draped clothes around his waist. There are also small flower-like decorations on his legs. All of these details would be very tedious for the sculpture especially since this sculpture is done on a pretty small scale. The entire sculpture could probably fit comfortably in someone’s hand. This contributes to the work as a whole because the immense attention to detailing of the jewelry and decoration all over his body displays his immense power and importance as a god even on such a small

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