Virtue Vs Virtue Essay

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How can we decide a better way in which society can become more ethical and moral between the ideas of Deontological Ethics and Virtue Ethics? With each term being ways in which Philosophers find it suitable to act, they differ because of how Deontology focuses on how right or how wrong an action is while Virtues are about a person's role and the good things they can do. With these two terms we have to determine how a person should be judged for the way they find it best to act. In order to better understand this, a person who interacts with different scenarios allows proof to show. This could include a situation in which a family is trapped inside a flaming vehicle. The subject who ends up saving the family is a man who spent their last ten …show more content…
However, when looking at this from a Virtue perspective, the man is judged for the criminal that he was prior and therefore cannot be seen as a person making a virtuous choice. Another example would involve someone who is a CEO. This subject is seen as a good person of character as they have created many new jobs and has a company that is soaring above all others. However, they have cut funding off for local orphanages and other organizations helping those in need in order to use the saved money for their own personal goals. The goodness of their character could still allow them to pass for virtuous, but Deontologically their actions have created a situation where people below them are in worse conditions. With this subject, the action they committed was wrong and since Deontologists base wrongness from actions, then the situation is wrong as well. Virtue Ethicists would not see that because of how many great things this subject has done to get where they are and how they are handling their power. Virtue and Deontological Ethics differ because of their own ways in which morality is handled, therefore not estimating what is needed to make our own character and situations more

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