Plato And Aristotle's Virtue Ethical System

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Nowadays, people who have a mercy toward the animals, find following a plant based diets an easy lifestyle to be adapted. Because of the inhumanity way that was used to treat the animals before butchering and serving them to the consumers, this meat become a dangerous food in our food chain. Animals produce enzymes when they get scared or treated badly, and these enzymes could cause you many health problems. Moreover, eating meat could also harm the environment. Many green lands were vanished and replaced to be a suitable place to raise animals. Another thing is that most of us knows how the livestock producing gasses that impact our environment and our planet negatively. If you are looking for a reason to cut off eating meat, you will find …show more content…
Also, it sees a real difference between good and evil, and between good or evil people (130). Virtue ethical system, does not give many choices so you could pick what you like, because the goal is to have good virtues. Plato and Aristotle, the ones who created this ethical system, declared that a virtue ethicist is a person who has the perfect traits. From Plato’s perspective a virtue ethicists have to function in three different levels, and each of these levels corresponds to different human activities. The lowest function of a virtue ethicist called “appetite”. Appetite refers to satisfying our physical needs, such as sex, hunger or thirst. The second level is, “spirit”, which refers to higher desires, such as anger or ambition. The last and the highest level is, “reason”, and it controls our appetite and our spirit to use it in the right thing (Bumper sticker, 131). Michael Pollan’s recommendation is basically about eating more plants and less meat. By functioning in these three levels, our character will present good traits. By controlling appetite for example, as virtue ethicist she/he will change their diet and stop eating meat. Also, there are many reasons that could encourage a virtue ethicist to cutoff eating meat. The first reason is eating meat is harmful. Because of that, we should either eat it wisely or stop eating it. Also, as we knew that the consumption of meat is harming our environment too, it is ethically right to help saving our environment as much as we can. In addition to that, if we used our lands in planting instead of raising animals, we will be able to make a big step in ending the global starvation. The reason why a virtue ethicist would like Michael Pollan’s recommendation to be followed is that because having good traits is important for a good life. Also, as a virtue ethicist goal is

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