Virtual Child Is An Amazing Learning Tool Essay

1314 Words Sep 13th, 2016 6 Pages
Virtual Child has been an incredible learning tool especially when it comes to all the different milestones children achieve throughout their life. The most important childhood developments are their sleeping, health, eating, and motor development. My own virtual child, Delilah, experiences all of these adaptions that a usual child at eighteen months would up to that point. At the age of eighteen months, her sleeping and eating have regulated to the point where she gets regular sleep and enjoys trying new foods. Her health and motor development needed steady work but now has progressed. All of her behaviors are based off my choices as a parent and by comparing her to the average child I can see if she meets the typical patterns of development through the first eighteen months. With this in mind, the first thing I noticed that changed with Delilah was her sleep. When she was three months old, her sleep pattern was six hours a night with three two-hour blocks during the day. Santrock (2016, p.104) explains that an infant requires up to sixteen or seventeen hours per day and included research that states that 12.8 out of 24 hours are what infants from birth to two years of age sleeps on average. As we have discussed, the only time the human body ever truly heals is when we sleep. That is the opportune time for an infant’s brain to develop and reset at the end of the day so they can take in even more information. Infants need as much sleep as they can possibly get more than…

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