Essay on Violent Behavior : An Antisocial Behavior

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This impulsive behavior is not seen as much in psychopaths; of course everyone is different. Psychopaths have a tendency to allow their anger to linger long enough for plans to be developed. They are meticulous perpetrators and as a result, they are not always as easily caught as sociopaths (Grohol). For example, Thomas sort of let go of the sudden urge to kill, more quickly than one that might be a psychopath. “Not all people we’d call a psychopath or sociopath are violent though. The presence of violent behavior is not a necessary element for someone who has an antisocial behavior; even though it is often present (Grohol).”
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Because people with antisocial personality disorder carry out violence in such nonempathetic ways, they have been associated with violence. Unfortunately, because of the few well known notorious murders that were carried out by people with these disorders, many often assume the worst when describing a person that is a sociopath or sociopath. For instance, there are several common misconceptions about people with these disorders. These misconceptions include the idea that all sociopaths and psychopaths are insane and violent, others even believe that all mass murders are the result of sociopaths or psychopaths. Luckily, research has shed some light on these recent conspiracies.
For one thing, “The American Psychiatric Association considers psychopathy (which it equates with sociopathy and antisocial personality disorder) to be a personality…

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