Violence Among Youth Essay

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Over the years, there has been issues with violence among the youth and specifically adolescents. There is a worrying trend where the violence is rising at alarming levels. There are several reasons that get associated with this trend. One of them has been computer games and movies that are said to promote violence. There are several researchers who have done research on this issue. According to a research done by Alikasifoglu et al. (2004), 42% of high school students in Istanbul were involved in at least one violent act in the year. Although social environmental factors play a role in shaping how an adolescent shapes out, the main cause of such behavior is the experience that the teenager has with family and friends. According to Avci and Gucray (2010), conflict between parents help to influence this behavior among adolescents.
Purpose of the research
There are several external factors that influence violent behavior among adolescents. Studies carried out by researchers indicate that it is an acquired habit rather than innate. The
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There are those others who do not go to school and they fall in the same category. It is possible that there are other reasons that could influence their attitude towards violence. I also feel that the attitude towards violence start forming at earlier stages than in the adolescence. Therefore, it is important that future research involve respondents who are younger than this age. It would help to understand how the attitudes form. Just like the research has indicated, the attitudes are mainly reinforced at this age. A research finding how they form would be more effective. I thought that violence was something innate. As I grew up, there are some age mates who had similar violent behavior and it was easy to conclude that they must have inherited such attitudes. However, the research has opened my eyes and now I feel that it is not the case. Such behavior is

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