Vietnam War : How?, Why? Essays

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Vietnam War; How?, Why?
The Vietnam War started on November 1, 1955. After the World War 2. And it ended in 1975. The Vietnam War, it is also called second Indochina War. It started after cold war times. It took place in North Vietnam and the South Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia. The war fought between the North Vietnam and the South Vietnam. North Vietnam was supported by one of the biggest communist countries in the world such as; China, Soviet Union. Also North Korea, Cuba, Bulgaria, East Germany, Romania, Sweden. And the South Vietnam was with anti-communist countries such as the United States of America, Thailand, Phillipines, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and other smaller anti communist countries. Also other anti communist countries supported South Vietnam they are: Republic of China, Canada, England, West Germany, Iran, Spain, Malaysia. The war ended with North Vietnam victory. The communist government took the power in South Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia. The United States of America withdraw from the war because it did not seem like going to an end.
They have been fighting for 20 years and still there were no results. United States of America lost too many soldiers, money, war supplies, helicopters in that war. Over 1,000,000 Vietnamese soldiers and almost 60,000 American soldiers died in the war. Before the world war 2 Vietnam belonged to French. It was a French colony for years. Not only todays Vietnam. back then French controlled Indochina, which is now Vietnam, Laos,…

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