Vietnam War And Its Effect On America Essays

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In April 1975, the Fall of Saigon signaled the capture of Saigon by communist forces which was the capital city of South Vietnam.This significant chapter ended the Vietnam War and began the process for Vietnam to be reunified into a communist state. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed,arrested and tortured for being sympathizers to the South Vietnamese government. This event changed the dynamic of Vietnam and impacted millions of lives. One of the lives impacted was my mom named Chau Nguyen. Chau Nguyen was born on January 1, 1962 in a village near the capital Saigon, Vietnam. Chau was born in the midst of the Vietnam War and experienced everything first hand. Both of her parents died when she was four and she has very little recollection of them. Chau was raised by her older brother and sisters while taking care of her younger brother. Life was tough in Vietnam the communists took money from the working class people and used it to fund their government programs which made everyone poor. Most of the wealth went to the people in power which was the communist government. Chau was very scared that they would take her older brother away who fought in the South Vietnamese Army against the communists, she quotes “ I was very scared they would take your uncle away he fought against the communists”.
In 1981, Chau along with her 2 siblings escaped on a boat hoping to make it to the Philippines but ended up in Malaysia. Harsh ocean storms pushed their boat in a different…

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