Vibrating Spring & Bernoulli Experiment Lab Reports Essay

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The Vibrating Spring - Experiment #02

Many objects in the real world have a frequency at which they vibrate. In modern engineering it is required to take this into consideration when designing them. There are many variables which could affect this frequency, therefore test are required to be conducted to see what these variables are and how they affect the vibrations the object undergoes. A vibration occurs when there is an oscillation about an equilibrium point.
A good example for where oscillations occur is in a car’s suspension. The suspension takes a hit when a car goes over a bump or into a pothole. The springs in the suspension then oscillate and make the car “bounce” up and down. This is when the shock-absorbers
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The apparatus was supplied with: * Ten close coiled springs made of steel * One weight hanger, with a timing reflective flag * One timing light and frequency meter.

The apparatus and the set of springs which were provided allowed measurements to be taken, from the following list: 1. Frequency (F) versus the suspended mass (m) 2. Frequency (F) versus the number of coils in the spring (n) 3. Frequency (F) versus the wire diameter (d) 4. Frequency (F) versus the mean diameter of the spring (D)

The experiment was started by suspending various springs, either singly or in a combination of two springs or more, and attaching weights of a variety of masses to the ends of the springs. The springs/system of springs were then pushed down slightly to promote the oscillation of the spring system. An optical detector was used to detect the frequency of spring vibration, a small metallic timing-flag was utilised, so that one edge of the flag would cut the small beam of light while the spring system was oscillating. Great care was taken to ensure that the spot-light did not cut both edges of the flag during the period of oscillation, as double-counting would occur, and the recorded results would be invalid. To guarantee that double-counting did not occur, the amplitude of oscillation was kept small.
← The spot-light should be aligned as shown in phase 1 with only half of it shining on the bottom edge of

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