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SWOT ANALYSIS Our group will now conduct a SWOT analysis from the perspective of the corporate center. We will determine Viacom’s strengths, weaknesses, potential opportunities for further success, and threats that it is exposed to among operating in different industries. A SWOT analysis will help identify internal and external factors that are either favorable or unfavorable to Viacom’s position as a global entertainment and media corporation. To properly analyze a SWOT analysis, we will evaluate Viacom’s objective to serve an ever-growing population of kids, tweens, teens and adults who want their favorite media and entertainment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Viacom acts as a global entertainment company that has
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Viacom’s recently announced another multi-brand platform labeled “NICKMOM”. The content will be focused on comedy, and will aim to help moms relax at the end of the day as well as celebrate being a parent. Targeting certain demographics and age groups directly correlates to the advertising revenues Viacom receives. Advertising companies gain assurance that their targeted demographic is reached when networks have a specific audience.
Having a high market share in the United States allows Viacom to expand continental. Viacom’s reach to millions of consumers has only increased its profitability. The entertainment industry in the United States is more advanced than in other countries, but this has only given rise to Viacom’s presence in other countries.
The overriding strategic risk Viacom faces is that it is such a huge conglomerate, and every industry they operate in faces its own set of competitors and risk factors. Every industry has its own market patterns of ups and downs. In Viacom’s case, its weakest link still pulls the whole company down. In some certain instances, bigger is not always better. Innovation is at the forefront among other distinguishing competitive advantages of entertainment companies. With some of its main networks being MTV and VH1, these segments are known for not having the most appropriate content and informative dialogue. One of

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