Verbal And Non Verbal Communication Essay

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People need to communicate between each other to express their feelings and ideas. When a person communicates he or she can do it in a verbal or non-verbal manner. In non-verbal communication messages are expressed through nonlinguistic means. In other words, it is a two-way method that has to be face-to-face and includes facial expressions, body language, gesture, posture, vocal tones, etc. It is important to know that written messages and sight language are part of the verbal communication because all forms of verbal communication involve specific rules that conform the language. Verbal and non-verbal communication can be used at the same time or by itself.
Verbal and non-verbal communication have many differences. For example, verbal communication uses words and other rules to express one’s ideas, while non-verbal communication uses gestures and body language. Another important difference is the intention. Verbal communication is intentional which means that people meant to do it while non-verbal communication is unintentional and sometimes you don’t even think about it. For example, to talk you are supposed to think about it and then articulate the words to express the idea. In non-verbal communication, otherwise, the sender most of the time move his body or do facial expressions without noticing. Non-verbal communication can be very useful at time when people can’t speak out loud, yet others can understand what he is saying with their body language. However, non-verbal…

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