Vengeful Character Of Bob Ewell

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Register to read the introduction… There are many examples of him taking needless revenge on various other people. The first is Tom Robinson, If Ewell had come home to see his daughter seducing a black man, he could have let Tom go. However Bob Ewell accused Tom of raping her for revenge. Other examples of his vengefulness are his attempts to take revenge on those who took part in his trial. This starts with his confrontation with Atticus when he curses, spits on and threatens to him. While is his only confrontation his Atticus,. his vengeful nature is further shown by his willingness to harass a poor black woman (Helen Robinson), and to rob an old man (Judge Tailor). His final attempt at revenge is not against Atticus, but against his children. Bob Ewell decides to, instead of confronting Atticus directly, go after his children in an attempt to hurt Atticus emotionally. While Ewell does not succeed, it shows his willingness to do something as terrible and cowardly as to go after innocent children for petty

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