Vaccine Analysis Case

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When comparing the banding patterns of the crime scene to those of the suspects, the resulting gel indicates that Suspect 2 was at the scene of the crime. Although enzyme 1 produced identical DNA fragments across the gel, enzyme 2 did not. This is evident in lane D and possibly indicates that this enzyme was unable to bind to recognition sites similar to the crime scene DNA in well B. Thus, it produced a DNA fragment smaller in size that travelled further. Since the DNA evidence in well D belongs to Suspect 1, it is apparent that they are not related to the crime. However, when the DNA of Suspect 2 was cut with enzyme 2, a DNA match between the suspect DNA fragments and crime scene DNA fragments was observed. Both enzymes were able
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It allows scientists to analyze vaccines, study antibiotics or analyse protein levels in body cells (ehow). Vaccine analysis is crucial and scientists require accurate data to correctly determine whether a vaccine can be used. Numerous vaccines, such as the influenza or polio vaccines are examined, purified and improved, gel electrophoresis. Due to confidential reason, the exact process of vaccines analysis are unknown, however it is suspected that the steps are similar to DNA analysis by electrophoresis and medical reports have claimed that electrophoresis presents an effective method of vaccine analysis (ehow). Through gel electrophoresis, scientists are able to identify the types of bacteria that are antibiotic resistant and also synthesize new antibiotics. For example, penicillin was created and improved through this process and is now prescribed against bacterial infections (ehow). Lastly, gel electrophoresis is commonly used by scientists to enhance their understanding of the structure and functions of proteins. Scientists conduct tests to analyze the levels of protein in a patient’s body and compare these levels to the established normal protein levels (ehow). Thus, it is evident that gel electrophoresis is very versatile and useful in the medical …show more content…
However, there has been an advancement in technology and DNA sequencing has become more reliable and faster by the help of new miniaturized gels that involve the use of conductive polymer materials (eureka). These polymers are organic polymers that are able to conduct electricity. The polymers would replace the platinum electrodes usually used in electrophoresis systems and would be used as part of disposable cassettes/trays containing the agarose gel. Such equipment would avoid the cross-contamination that usually occurs when using traditional electrophoresis equipment. Additionally, this advancement has proven that pH change and bubble formations will not occur, as the electrolysis of water (decomposition of water due to an electric current) will be reduced. This is because conductive polymers are able to be oxidized and reduce themselves (eureka). This new method of electrophoresis is said to provide more accurate results for even

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