V For Vendetta Movie Analysis

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People surrounded by media most of the time that people use it to share them ideas and believes. People use media to advertise their ideas. Movies and TV shows always include the idea of justice. We always need to decide if something right to do or not in our daily life. Media has presented this idea in different ways and situations. In V for Vendetta movie shows a situation when people think they are doing the right things and how this situation fit in Kant’s freedom and morality views. Additionally, what is the message the audience will get.
In the movie V for Vendetta, V retaliated of the people who did national security experiment. There is a scene, a detective read Dr. Surridge’s diary, who was one of the researchers worked on the experiment,
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You may think V fit in the idea of freedom of Kant because he did not remember who he was. Kant’s view is acting freely means to act according to law I give myself, not following my desires or end gave outside of me (Sandel, 2009). Even if V did not remember who he was, he follows his desire to revenge from the people who make him the way he is. He did not do it because it is right, but to satiate his own desires. Furthermore, Dr. Surridge thought what she did is right. we need to look at Kant’s view of morality to see if what she did is right or not. Kant says to decide What is moral, it needs to fit in categorical imperatives. It is moral only if I treat others people as an end themselves not as a mean to my goals (Sandel, 2009). In other words, Kant’s morality is the duty to do the right thing for the right reason, because it is good in itself and unconditioned by my desires. Surridge used people as mean to her goal. She thought they were weak and pathetic, so using them to help their country is a good reason. She treated them as an object and violate their right. Kant says, human is capable of reason unlike object and worth respect. (Sandel, 2009). That what she did not do. Also, it is moral if what I do can universalize (Sandel, 2009). In Surridge’s case, if we universalize what she did, people would violate each other’s right to help their country from their own perspective which lead to use each other as mean for their own

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