George Orwell's Response To 1984

--“Text to World” Connection #1
Without World War II and the Totalitarian governments, it’s highly doubtful this book would even be a book at all. As most know, 1984 was a warning about what was to become of our future if it continued the way it was. In 1949, four years after World War II ended, Orwell published his book with the purpose of showing how Totalitarian Governments (Fascist, Nazi, Socialist) would control our society. They were known to use frightening techniques to control their people, and 1984 reveals the extents they may someday come to. The book has many examples to prove this was Orwell’s goal. For instance, the abundant amount of propaganda shown throughout the book in quotes such as “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” This type of propaganda is used to brainwash people into believing anything the Party says. Another example is how the characters in the book have no control over their thoughts
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To start with, V for Vendetta takes place in England with a Totalitarian government in control, exactly like 1984. It continues on with the main protagonist (i.e. V and Winston), who discern that their government is not all that they seem, and start to go against them. While the way they go about doing it varies greatly, both try to make an impact on the government however they can. Another example, is that in both the main protagonist meets a girl and falls in love. Of course, the two love stories themselves are about as similar as a duck and a giraffe, but the girl is an important part of the plot in both V for Vendetta and 1984. Lastly, the government modifies events and sells them to the public, so as to not seem foolish. In 1984, this is in the way of correcting the past, and making it sound repulsive. In V for Vendetta, the government modifies current events, and tells the media to tell it the way they want, so their subjects do not decide to

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