Utopi No Place By Chris Schendel Essay

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Utopia: No Place
Chris Schendel
Utopia- a word invented by Sir Thomas More as a play on the Greek ou (meaning “not”), eu (meaning “happy”) and topos (meaning “place”). Though More invented the word, the idea of a perfect society where all are equal and valued has been an endeavor of humanity since far before More’s time. However, More’s vision of an idealistic society misses the mark- his vision simply flies in the face of human nature. Ideals of communal property and familial units (wherein individuals can be relocated to a different family based on population density) just do not operate well when taken off the page and actually attempted. The imagined benefits of these attempted utopian societies (of which Socialist and Communist states are the most glaringly obvious example) always require government coercion to force changes in human behavior. That effort has never worked in the history of mankind. If Utopia’s benefits were real, very little government involvement would be necessary to achieve them. Ordered liberty, or freedom, requires increasing government coercion. Inevitably this devolves into a dictatorial police state where the government implements increasingly dehumanizing policies in order to motivate its starving populace in an attempt to rectify its crumbling economy and infrastructure. These same utopian ideals have been played out several times throughout history, and the results are always the same. The policies of communal property, equal remuneration for…

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